Membership Categories

Membership runs from November to November. We apologise that application / re-application has not been open until January 2019 but we have been endeavouring to make the process of application easier, as well as making payment easier. As this work is being done voluntarily by the committee, it has taken longer than anticipated. 

Your fee is the same irrespective of where in the year you apply.

Our categories of membership are:

  • Full Membership

  • Affiliate Membership

  • Provisional Membership

Full Membership (£40 p.a.) - For experienced, knowledgeable and skilled people who are providing clinical care to this client group.  Please see the guide below, which indicates the number of hours, contacts or procedures that are usually expected of members.  PLEASE NOTE: Applications where these thresholds are not met may be considered on a case-by-case basis. Full members must be healthcare professionals, working in the British Isles.

Affiliate Membership (£40 p.a.) - For people who are experienced, knowledgeable and skilled in their field of work associated with this client group but where their work is not primarily clinical in nature, for example service managers, researchers, academics, commissioners.  Some experienced people who do not meet requirements for full membership for other reasons may be considered for affiliate membership.

Provisional Membership (£20 p.a.) - For people who work clinically with gender diverse people but where their experience, skills and knowledge is in development.  This would apply to a trainee practitioner or a qualified practitioner in a relevant discipline who wishes to train in the field.