If you are an enthusiastic person, who would like to contribute to the future of the Association, you may wish to consider becoming a member of BAGIS Council in the future. Full members of the association are eligible to stand.

Council members meet around 6 times a year, usually in central London although the location can be reviewed in depending on the members. Meetings are opportunity to discuss and make decisions about the functioning, roles and work of the Association.  Depending on other commitments, members may opt to attend via conference call but there is an expectation that members attend some meetings in person. It is normally expected that the President and Secretary-General attend meetings in person. 

All council roles will be re-elected in 2019; the outcome of the elections will be announced at the Annual General Meeting on 4th October. This will include:

  • President (responsible for leading the Association)

  • Treasurer (responsible for financial matters pertaining to the Association)

  • Secretary-General (responsible for administration of the Association)

  • 4 x council members (for a period of 2 years).

  • 4 x council members (for a period of 4 years).

Please note that those standing for an officer role (President, Secretary-General or ​Treasurer) can also stand for a 2 or 4 year council member role, if they wish. However, each person can only stand for a maximum of one officer role and / or one council member role.  

In order to stand for council, please submit a personal statement, of not more than 300 words, to Carlo Cavalli, conference administrator, by 6th September.  You can contact Carlo by emailing cavallicarlo@gmail.com 

In order to stand you must be nominated and seconded by full members of the organisation.  Please ensure you have their support before submitting.  Those supporting you should email Carlo to confirm this; alternatively they will be contacted separately.  


  • Only FULL members of BAGIS are eligible to vote.  You must be a member by 12pm on 20th September 2019. You will not be eligible to vote if you were not a full member of BAGIS on this date.  Those joining the association after this date will not be able to vote in the election.

  • Ballot papers will be sent by email separately and this, along with the rest of the election process, will be administered by an independent expert by experience, who is fulfilling the role of scrutineer. Papers can be returned by post, emailed to the scrutineer or brought to the symposium and submitted then.

  • If you have any queries contact bagisvote@gmail.com

  • Announcement of the results will take place at the symposium, on 4th October.

BAGIS council does not reimburse travel expenses for council members at present, as the members are supported by their employing organisations.  If the circumstances of a successful candidate were to differ, consideration will be given to facilitating  their attendance.